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All Types of Floor Tiles Have Pros and Cons, So Choose Wisely

Not all floor tiles are created equal, and not all floor tiles are suitable for every purpose. Every type has pros and cons that should be taken into consideration before undertaking a tiling project. All popular tiles have benefits and potential drawbacks. In this article, we’ll discuss marble, porcelain, terrazzo and terra cotta.



With shade variations and whirling patterns, marble floor tiles have a unique, beautiful appearance like no other surface. But, these lovely patterns can sometimes cause headaches when matching tiles. The solution is to make sure that all the tiles come from the same batch.

Pro: Beautiful and elegant

Cons: High maintenance, expensive, prone to cracking and staining



Porcelain floor tiles are arguably the most popular choice in homes because there’s unlimited design potential in the manufacturing process.

Pros: Incredible durability, variety of design, beautiful

Con: May require modified material to attach to substrate



Traditionally, terrazzo was made by placing chips of marble in a bed of concrete and buffing until smooth. However, today, you can buy terrazzo tiles. Because they can be repeatedly refinished and are long-lasting, terrazzo tiles are often used in public buildings.

Pros: Longevity, elegance, unique beauty

Con: Expensive


Terra Cotta

This is one of the oldest tiling materials, and it’s often used (glazed or unglazed) to create a weathered, rustic look. Although high-quality terra cotta can last forever, it’s not always easy to assess the quality. That’s why you must talk to a professional design consultant or a reputable supplier.

Pro: Longevity (if high quality)

Con: Difficult to assess quality without professional advice

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