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Are there products available to help lower my electric bill?

There are many products available to help you manage and lower your electric bill. Here are three suggestions:

13849998_sPlug-in meter (also called a kilowatt meter).

These devices are very simple to use. The best type for the average person plugs directly into the wall socket. Devices are then plugged into the meter and it records exactly how much power the device draws. Although the meter will not directly save money it makes you aware of the worst culprits for energy use in your home so you can use these items sparingly. Most people are surprised when they realize how much power some appliances use, even when they are supposedly switched off.

Solar panel systems.

These may save householders a lot of money, but do your homework first. The initial investment is usually quite high and it can take many years for the energy savings to pay back the upfront cost. Obviously for people in apartments or rented properties they are not really an option. Also in areas with less sunshine the impact of the panels on overall electricity consumption will be less. Some states, local government agencies and power companies subsidize the cost of installing solar panels by way of rebates. Weigh up all the factors before deciding if this route will work for you.

Capacitor-based energy saving devices.

These devices regulate power as well as storing and reusing unused energy given off by appliances and motors within the home. Make sure you deal with a reputable supplier. Check their rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau), get testimonials from existing customers, talk to anyone you know who has had a similar device fitted to their home and make sure installation is done by a qualified and approved person.

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