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Apart from Practicality, the Backsplash is an Important Part of Kitchen Design

kitchen designThe backsplash, apart from having a practical purpose, is a vital kitchen design component because it can add a sense of completion and visual interest. Its purpose is to protect the wall behind the stove from grease spatters, smoke, stains and splashes of food during the course of cooking.

A well-designed backsplash also creates an air of sophistication and a sense of coordination with the other kitchen décor, fixtures and appliances.


  • A backsplash can be any size, and it doesn’t always have to be behind a stove. Sometimes they extend beyond the sides of the stove, encompassing the entire counter area – including the sinks. Some backsplashes only extend half way up a wall, while others extend right up to the cabinets, or even as high as the ceiling.
  • Size depends on personal preference and budget, as well as the dimensions of the kitchen, the size of the wall and other design elements, such as cabinets.


  • A backsplash can be visually dramatic. For example, you can add vibrancy and color to a monochromatic or small kitchen with a mosaic backsplash. In contrast, a backsplash made of the same materials as countertops in a large, spacious kitchen creates a different, but equally pleasing, look. Depending on the materials and colors used, backsplashes can make kitchens appear cozier, bigger or rustic.

The benefits of a tiled backsplash are threefold. It serves a purpose, it’s easy to clean, and it makes an important design statement.

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