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What Makes Trane Air Conditioners the Obvious Choice?

Trane air conditioners

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All Trane split-system AC and heat pump outdoor units have louvered panels to protect the exterior coil from damage. They also have weather-resistant screws and tough paint finishes. In addition, Trane air conditioners feature the patented aluminum Spine Fin outdoor coil.

Spine Fin outdoor coils offer enhanced heat transfer capabilities, thereby resulting in greater resistance to corrosion and higher efficiencies than conventional aluminum/copper coils. The XL20i is among the highest SEER (cooling efficiency) ratings in the industry.

In keeping with the lofty standards set by Trane air conditioners, Trane’s gas furnaces are just as impressive. Features include self-diagnostic controls, multi-port in-shot burners, hot surface igniter, a heavy steel 40” high insulated cabinet, durable pre-painted finish, and 1-piece heat exchangers with no welds, as well as some of the highest efficiencies in the HVAC industry, making Trane the obvious choice.

This efficiency and reliability extends to Trane’s line of top performing all-in-one systems, which package all your heating and cooling needs in one sleek cabinet for flexible installation.

Trane is also the leader in variable-speed airflow technology. The cutting-edge Hyperion air handlers and variable speed furnaces can do things that other brands can’t – for example, exceptional humidity control with Comfort-R. This feature enables the coil to get cold quicker and the furnace blower to gradually ramp up and down, or to run at 50% of cooling speed in ‘fan on’ mode. This provides improved filtration and air circulation, humidity control, better temperature distribution, and quiet performance.

And when it comes to cleaner air, CleanEffects technology allows Trane air conditioners to remove up to 99.98% of harmful particles and allergens from your indoor air.

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