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Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget About Your HVAC Air Conditioning System!

You’ve probably got a spring-cleaning ritual – turning the mattresses, cleaning the carpets, airing out the upholstery, etc. But is your HVAC air conditioning system on your spring-cleaning list? If not, it’s highly advisable. Once a year, it should be serviced to make sure that it not only continues to keep you cool, but that you and your family stay healthy.

Look at the vents to see if there’s a buildup of dirt and dust there – like this:

Spring Cleaning? Don’t Forget About Your HVAC Air Conditioning System!

Is the volume of air coming out of your HVAC air conditioning unit less than what you’re used to? When you turn the system on, is there a moldy, dusty or burned odor? These are all common signs of clogged or dirty ducts and vents.

A buildup of mold and dirt inside an air conditioning system can be harmful to your family’s health. Here in Florida, we are prone to a particularly toxic type of black mold, the spores of which are known to be a respiratory irritant. When they escape, the indoor air becomes polluted.

People with allergies or asthma, the elderly, the very young and people with weakened immune systems are especially vulnerable to health problems caused by indoor pollution.

You can virtually eliminate the risk of these indoor allergens by having your vents and ducts regularly cleaned.

When the HVAC air conditioning technician comes to clean and service your system, ask him or her about adding ultraviolet filters to the ducts. These filters use light to kill bacteria before they enter your house.

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