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Haven’t Got Heat Pump Ducts in Your Home? Don’t Worry, There Are Alternatives

Haven’t Got Heat Pump Ducts in Your Home? Don’t Worry, There Are AlternativesIf your home does not have air ducts, don’t fret: one of your options is to install a mini-split heat pump. This can be connected to multiple indoor units via an outdoor air source unit. Let’s look at some other ductless options.

Reverse Cycle Chiller (RCC) Heat Pump

  • Instead of cooling and heating air, this heat pump cools and heats water, and can work efficiently in temperatures well below freezing point. RCC systems are also used to pump water through radiant floor heating.
  • In an RCC heat pump, a backup burner is needed to provide temporary heat while the system “reverses” in order to defrost the coils. This prevents it from sending cold air through its registers while the coils are defrosting – so that you can stay warm.

Cold Climate Heat Pump

  • This is a relatively new concept and is proving to be very effective in extreme climates. The heat pump calculates the lowest amount of energy required to provide the desired level of cooling or heating and adjusts its output so it never wastes energy. Although still in the early stages of implementation, it’s an excellent “green” alternative.

All-Climate Heat Pump

  • This one is also new – it can function in temperatures as icy as minus 30 degrees F and, according to, it can improve efficiency by as much as 60% compared to a standard heat pump

NB: Even these special heat pumps have pros and cons, so it’s important to seek advice from a HVAC expert before buying one.

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