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Commonplace Repairs for Air Conditioning Systems

Air conditioning systems are complex and, therefore, naturally prone to problems from time to time. We tend to dread such problems occurring, assuming automatically that any malfunction is sure to cost us time, sweating/shivering, and a large amount of money. But that’s not always the case. In fact, many of the most common problems in air conditioning systems are not so dire at all. Here is a list of just a few.

  • The liquid refrigerant is running low – We’ll start with an example of a problem not so imagesterrible. If you notice the air coming through the vents is the same temperature as the air outside the house, the refrigerant in your system may be running low. As the refrigerant should normally have no way of running out or being used up, this probably means a leak has sprung somewhere. Call a technician to have a look.
  • The fan on the outside compressor unit does not start – If no air at all is being blown in through the vents in the building, this probably means the fan is not turning on. A faulty fan could be the result of one or several underlying problems. However, it could just indicate a faulty wire. Don’t try to fix it yourself, unless of course you are a certified technician.
  • The electronic controls have failed – If your electronic control panel has failed, your entire system could be down. This is a job for a professional, but also not always a reason to panic. It doesn’t always mean that any large mechanical component in your air conditioning system must be replaced or repaired, but you should have a technician take a look as soon as possible. Don’t attempt to run the system when you know there if a problem.
  • A sensor or the thermostat has failed – If your system won’t turn on or won’t cool/heat the air sufficiently, it can be difficult to pinpoint the problem. The problem could be complex and lie in the mechanics or some larger piece, it could lie somewhere in the wiring, or it could be simply that a sensor or the thermostat has failed. Again, you will require a technician to determine and remedy the source of the problem.
  • The maintenance of the system has been neglected – True, this is not one particular problem, but it is worth mentioning since improper maintenance is the cause of most problems with air conditioning systems. Make sure to maintain your system by changing filters, cleaning drainage lines, and having your ducts cleaned. A 6-month or yearly inspection by a professional may seem unnecessary, but it goes a long way in saving you money and stress down the road.

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