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Three Common Problems Commercial Water Heaters Encounter

178425815-Water HeatersLike any piece of equipment, commercial water heaters and boilers are prone to need regular maintenance and repairs. However, if you aren’t sure whether you need to call us to come and look at the water heaters at your location, there are three main signs we recommend watching out for to ensure you can get the problem taken care of quickly.

1. Lack of Hot Water- A clogged water line or a pilot light that has gone out are two situations that could prevent hot water from being able to get to your building. Additionally, sediment building up at the bottom of water heaters is also a common reason buildings are not able to get hot water. If your water lacks heat, we can help you eradicate this issue.

2. Not Enough Hot Water- You may find that the water at your business is hot for a short time period and then eventually dwindles after extended use. This situation could indicate that your heater’s burner is dirty or that your system’s thermometer is broken.

3. Rust-Colored Water- If your employees or tenants report that your water heater is producing brown-colored water, the interior of your water heater may have started to rust or the pipes leading to your heating system have rusted. When this happens to commercial water heaters, they often need to be replaced.

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