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AC Repair and Early Warning Signs

AC Repair and Early Warning SignsThe hottest days of the year, when you are most dependent on your air conditioning, also seem to be the most likely time for your AC to break down. At this point, it’s too late: you need AC repair and best done by a professional. But there are several early warning signs that your unit is on the verge of needing AC repair, and by paying attention to them, you may be able to avoid a breakdown during the height of the summer heat.

The first sign of an AC in trouble is the most obvious: the air conditioning is not blowing sufficiently cool air. Though the reduced performance may start out slight, this is a problem that is not good to ignore; it will get worse and possibly leave you paying for more extensive AC repair at an inconvenient time.

Also be on the lookout for an interruption or decrease in the flow of air from your vents. Such an issue can have a variety of causes, from a collapsed or damaged air duct to problems with the electrical wiring, or both.

Strange noises are another dead giveaway of impending AC repair. Pay attention to any noise you hear, whether coming from the ductwork, electrical components, or the compressor itself. Examples of common sounds are hissing or loud blowing in the ductwork, clicking around electrical components, or rattling, squeaking, or banging coming from the compressor.

Leaks commonly precede the need for AC repair. You will want to keep an eye out for leaks or fluid buildup around the compressor. The leak could be water or refrigerant, but either way, the situation could easily require an AC repair professional. It’s far better to take care of a small problem when it’s still small, than wait for a home cooling disaster.

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