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A Frozen Plumbing Pipe Can Present Serious Risks

A leaking copper pipeWinter can be a time of great fun for sledding, building snowmen and cuddling up beside a roaring fire. Even if you enjoy the beauty of winter, a homeowner needs to deal with certain problems that occur during this season. High energy bills are one, and snowed-in roads are another.

Another problem that can cause an unexpected expense is a frozen or burst plumbing pipe. Always call a plumber immediately if you think a pipe is frozen, because the results can cause flooding in the home and damage to your possessions. This image shows the devastating results of frozen plumbing pipes:

There are various reasons why plumbing pipes freeze:

1. The pipes are positioned in an unheated basement or garage.
2. Pipes on the exterior of the house are not insulated.
3. Pipes in kitchen and bathroom areas do not receive warm air from a heating system.

Here are some measures you can take before the winter season begins:

• Inspect your home for cracks or openings that allow cold air to enter and seal them. Your plumber should insulate all your outside pipes with a special material that’s manufactured especially for this purpose.

• Open all kitchen and bathroom cabinet doors to allow warm air from your heating system to circulate around the pipes.

• If you have plumbing pipes in the garage, always keep the door closed.

• Let a tiny amount of water trickle from all faucets during very cold weather – this helps prevent pipes freezing up.

If, despite your efforts, a plumbing pipe does freeze up, call a plumber as soon as possible.

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