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Are There Homes for Sale in Your Dream Neighborhood? Four Steps to a Speedier Closing Process

177735411-Homes for Sale inWhen there are homes for sale in your dream neighborhood, you probably don’t want to wait very long to close. If you want to make the closing process as quick as possible, following these four steps will ensure that the homes for sale in your dream neighborhood don’t get sold without you getting the keys to one.

1. Know what your closing costs will be and how your lender wants to be paid. Just bringing your checkbook to the final closing meeting may not cut it. Ask your loan officer what you will need to bring to the closing before its scheduled date.

2. Find an experienced broker. You probably already know that closing on any one of the homes for sale in your dream neighborhood means piles of paperwork. Find a broker who can help you wade through this paperwork and push this process along as quickly as possible.

3. Don’t wait to get a home appraisal done. As soon as you start the mortgage application process, have an appraisal done by a licensed appraiser who is approved by your lender.

4. Include repairs or any other seller concessions in the contract. If the seller has agreed to make any repairs or other concessions, make sure that they are included in the contract. This will ensure that the closing process isn’t delayed because the seller failed to hold up their end of the agreement.

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