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Custom Homes in Cookie Cutter Land

Custom Homes in Cookie Cutter Land

There are some things that are really great about owning a brand new home. Everything works like a dream, and usually spaces are a lot more functional than in older homes. However, when buying a brand new home, it’s hard to avoid the builder grade construction and the overall cookie cutter feel. When your home is one of three different styles on the block, painted in one of the three different acceptable shades of tan, it is easy to drive into your neighborhood and forget which one is your home. However, just because you bought cookie cutter doesn’t mean it has to stay cookie cutter. Custom homes can be made from scratch or achieved after the fact. A professional home builder or remodeler can help you make your new home a beautiful custom home, whether you are building from the ground up or not.

One of the first things you can do to your cookie cutter home is paint. Consider your kitchen, for example. By simply adding crown molding, replacing cabinet fronts with display glass and painting them a different color, you have immediately changed the entire look and feel of your kitchen cabinets. And don’t stop there– adding bead board, a wine fridge, or columns to your kitchen island can make a big difference.

Custom homes can also be achieved in the finishes. Add fancier trim to the doors or windows, make your baseboards extra fancy with a high-end feel. Add wainscoting or crown molding in the family room or dining room. Consider framing in the mirror in your bathroom or adding vintage or specialty light fixtures throughout.

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