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Construction Contractor Services Tips

Some business owners think that they
only need the services of a commercial construction services contractor if they
are planning to erect a new building. However, a general construction
contractor can also be invaluable if you are remodeling, repairing, expanding
or renovating an existing structure. In fact, it is always wise to consult with
a construction contractor anytime you need to have work done on your building.

Whether you are planning a concrete contractor
project or upgrading your parking area, a commercial construction contractor
can save you valuable time and money. They know the local building codes and
regulations. Should a city inspector find that any aspect of your project, such
as the plumbing, wiring or ventilation, violates local codes, you can be fined
and your project delayed. By enlisted the aid of a general construction contractor,
you can be sure that your project will satisfy all code requirements.

When you hire a general construction contractor, they will typically deal with the subcontractors for you.
You will not have to take the time out of your busy day to meet with a paving
contractor, for example, or determine the best mason for your project. Your commercial
contractor knows the best people for the job, and they will ensure that each
phase proceeds according to schedule. They know when to schedule the concrete
contractor and every other professional who will work on your project to avoid
unnecessary delays.

There are many aspects of construction services with which you may not be
familiar. Before you begin, you will probably need a permit from the city. In
many areas, you must be a licensed plumber or electrician to perform any work
on a commercial structure. You will need to contract with these professionals,
and you may also need to find your own heating and cooling technician, mason,
roofer, glazier and painting contractor.

If you decide to act as your own contractor, you will need to schedule periodic inspections of the work
performed. City inspectors typically need to approve work at intermittent
stages. If you are not aware of exactly when an inspection is due, you run the
risk of having to tear out work that has just been completed and have it redone
to code. You might also find yourself with an idle crew while waiting for an
inspector. A building contractor knows exactly when work must be inspected and
when they must arrange for an inspection to prevent delays.

When you ask a contractor for a bid, you should make sure that the bid covers
the removal of any restricted materials from the site. For example, many older
buildings contain asbestos or lead paint. Removing these products from a
building must be performed in a certain manner to meet federal and
environmental regulations. In addition, these materials must be disposed of in
a manner prescribed by law.

You should also ensure that the contractor you hire is fully bonded. Then, if
the contractor or their crew causes any damages, you will not have to cover the
cost of repairs. Since a bonded contractor is also liable for paying any
subcontractors, you are not at risk of liens or lawsuits should the
subcontractors not get paid.

Before you decide on a contractor, ask for references from other business owners.
Take the time to call or write for references to verify the contractor’s
information. It is also a good idea to check with your local Better Business
Bureau to determine whether the contractor has a history of complaints.

Make sure that the contractor is responsible for obtaining any necessary
permits. In most locations, the person or company obtaining the permits is
responsible for any potential liability arising from the project. For example,
suppose you obtain a permit and hire a contractor to install a new parking lot.
Months later, a heavy rainstorm occurs, and the runoff from your parking lot
floods a neighboring building and it is determined that the parking lot was
improperly graded. The neighboring property owner could seek compensation from
you. However, if the contractor secured the permits, they are the one liable for
the damages.

Finally, do not let any contractor push you into making a decision on the spot.
Legitimate contractors know that you probably need to secure multiple bids and
check references. Take whatever time you need to find not just a construction
contractor, but the right one.

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