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Stump Grinding Services vs. Stump Grinder Rental

115086847-stump grinderYou could rent a stump grinder, or you could hire someone to do the job for you. So which option is recommended? Ultimately, your decision comes down to personal preference, your situation, your willingness to work, and your willingness to pay. However, in this article, we’re going to focus on the advantages of stump grinder rental.

  • Renting is Cheaper: If the job involves more than one stump, renting definitely costs less. The more stumps there are, the more cost-effective the DIY method becomes because the daily rental charge stays the same, or you might even qualify for a special rate. Sharing the cost with a neighbor who also needs stump removal makes it an even better option.
  • Flexible Schedule: Renting a stump grinder enables you to work around your schedule, instead of having to accommodate the calendar of a professional. You remove the stumps when you want!
  • Good Exercise: Don’t laugh, but stump grinding is a great way to reduce your waistline. A small, manually controlled stump grinder will give your upper body and core an excellent workout.
  • Stump Grinding is Manly! We’re not trying to be sexist here, but working under the sun, outside in the dirt, can help a man feel that he has an important role on earth. Having said this, all you female stump grinders out there, here’s the perfect time to prove that women aren’t scared to get dirty, and they’re just as capable as men!
  • Stump Grind with a Friend: Reap the social benefits of stump grinding. Get a buddy involved, or even a few, and maybe fire up the barbecue as well.

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